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San Francisco Will Get a Second SoulCycle This Year

SoulCycle celebrates new studios with balloons. Lots of balloons.
SoulCycle celebrates new studios with balloons. Lots of balloons.

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Can you believe that less than a year has passed since SoulCycle first dropped the beat in the Bay Area? Last June, the indoor cycling brand took Marin by storm with its first Northern California studio. Since then, we've welcomed additional locations in Cow Hollow and Palo Alto, and watched stationary bike booking become a full-on obsession. (How do classes fill in two minutes? How???)

Based on the brand's popularity, we weren't surprised to overhear a few corporate suits discussing SoulCycle expansion plans at the Cow Hollow studio in January. At the time, the conversation centered on the Financial District, Hayes Valley, Noe Valley, and eventually the East Bay. Now, we have word that San Francisco will get a second location this year, though not in one of the previously predicted neighborhoods.

This week, SoulCycle insiders confirmed that the company is planning a new studio in SoMa. While the team remains tight-lipped about an exact location, we're told that doors should open in the fall, possibly around October.

For the Caltrain commuter crowd, a SoMa studio means you no longer have to skip the three-minute stretch at the end of your 6am so you can hop in the shower before spending an hour on the 45, only to miss the express train by 30 seconds. Those of you in startup world can skip the Uber-versus-bus-to-Cow Hollow debate, and simply walk to a 6pm class.

And now, for the important question: What will the branded tanks for the new location look like? Can we petition for at least one item that says SOULma?
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