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Meet Jennine Jacob, IFB Founder and Blogger Extraordinaire

Jennine Jacobs of <a href="">The Coveted</a>
Jennine Jacobs of The Coveted

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Jennine Jacob is not just a fabulous San Francisco blogger. She is pretty much the queen of all the fashion bloggers—Jacob founded and runs IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers, an organization that helps bloggers figure out how to make money, how to make their blog look good, facilitates networking, and lots more. Pretty much every blogger you've ever heard of (or not) is a member.

It all started with her own blog, The Coveted, which she originally conceived as a Sartorialist-esqe street style blog, but morphed into a showcase of Jacob's own amazing style. After taking a 2-year break from blogging to run IFB conferences and have a baby, she's back! In addition to her personal style, on The Coveted you'll find commentary on motherhood, beauty, shopping and lots more. Check out our interview with her below!

What makes you blog?
"Initially, I was a graphic designer who was INCREDIBLY bored. I just picked up a camera and started snapping. Back then Face Hunter and the Sartorialist were groundbreaking, and at first, I wanted to tell a story about SF (which is how The Coveted got it's name) but obviously, I found I was terrible at street style blogging."

"Now, it's just part of me. I put The Coveted on hold for two years, and recently restarted it because I had all these stories that I would tell if the blog were still running. That, and I spend all my free time looking at online shops putting stuff into carts. So I figure, why not start back? So far it's been amazing."

Who takes your photos?
"Right now, my husband takes my outfit photos once a week. We live near the Dog Patch, so we go down and find an abandoned area to shoot on the weekend."

Tell us something about yourself we would have never guessed.
"Back in the 90's I was a Peachy's Puff cigarette girl. I dolled myself up in leopard print skirts and platforms and wore cat ears. It sounded crazy, but I made quite a lot of money selling coffin nails."

You're at work, and you get an email inviting you to a fabulous, dressed-up affair. You're wearing ripped jeans and loafers and don't have time to go home and change. What's your strategy?
"Hmm, good question. I work from home, so there's my closet. And when I did work in an office, I had a drawer full of heels. Honestly, if I worked close to an H&M or Zara, I might pick up a simple dress or accessory to make the outfit fancy. OR if I were really busy and/or broke and/or didn't like anything at H&M or Zara. Probably just go the way I was. I'm a denim blogger, so people aren't surprised to see me wearing denim 100% of the time. And hey, it's California, I'm surprised someone hasn't worn ripped jeans to the Oscars."

How would you describe your sartorial personality and which Bay Area store best matches it?
"After I had my baby, and got reasonably around my regular weight, I decided to focus less on trend pieces and more on the classics. So I've been looking at which wardrobe items I wear over and over and develop my style from there. I would call it "edgy preppy" because most times I wear button downs with jeans or tee shirts with leather pencil skirts.

I really love Mill Mercantile because it has a lot of great denim and beautiful classic pieces. However, I don't make it out there very often. Most of the time I shop online, or Nordstrom Rack because it's right next to Trader Joe's, so no one's going to notice if I slip in there for a minute... right?"

If you had to sacrifice one, what would it be: lipstick, mascara or brow pencil/gel?
"Brow pencil. I'd love to have Brooke Shields brows, but alas, I have no eyebrows."

In five years I hope to be...
"... cool. One day..."
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