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Where Lucky Co-Founder Andrea Linett Shops in San Francisco

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Andrea Linett's fashion resume is one of the most impressive in the biz: she has served as VP creative director at Michael Kors, and she built eBay Fashion from the ground up. She's author of the book "I Want to Be Her!" and runs a blog by the same name. And you may have heard of a little magazine she co-founded called Lucky. So you can imagine how excited we were to hear that this maven was in town with her talented photographer husband, Michael Waring, for some shopping at San Francisco's coolest boutiques, including Gravel & Gold where she scored "a necklace (indigo-dyed yarn with brass thingies), the Boob Bag and a denim blazer-y jacket by Dillon Montara." We caught up with Andrea at Reliquary (which, don't forget, is moving to Hayes Street soon), where she ogled the vintage jewelry and answered our probing questions. Find out what she's up to these days and follow along on the rest of her SF shopping tour below!

We're huge fans of yours, since Lucky is basically our shopping bible and you were one of its founders. Plus you have amazing style! Can you tell us what you're working on lately?
"Thank you! I'm working on a bunch of projects—consulting with brands on everything from their look and feel to actual design, I'm working on another book, a small line with my friend Anne Johnston Albert who had the popular line Martin and who illustrated I Want to Be Her and of course my blog is ongoing. I also just finished a really cool project with Virgin.

In your book, you highlight women who caught your eye and whose style you admire. Is there something you'd say they all have in common?
"None of them ever looked like they were trying too hard or trying to be something they weren't, which really is the key to having personal style."

How often do you come to SF, and what brought you here this particular weekend?
"I used to come more when I was at eBay. I was recently there with my photographer husband who was shooting, and I had a few meetings and caught up with friends. I would love to come more!"

Thoughts on SF style?
"It's much less 'done' than New York or even L.A. People here tend to be a little more bohemian and laid back."

Do you dress differently here than you do back home in NYC? And what item of clothing can't you live without while traveling?
"I have my New York, L.A. and San Francisco uniforms, which are pretty much interchangeable. But in San Francisco I feel like I can get away with certain things that don't necessarily translate in New York, like my new Gravel & Gold boob bag that I bought on my last trip. When traveling I have to have a super-soft giant scarf for the plane and just every day—I feel naked without one. I also always carry my Il Bisonte Style #A2193 bag. It holds more than you'd think and is so easy to navigate!"

What's your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry you've bought recently?
"I'm pretty obsessed with my new R13 harem jeans that I bought at Ganeaux in Amagansett, N.Y., and my stack of Tenthousandthings knotted totem bracelets (I call them my luxe friendship bracelets)."

Besides your own awesome site, what are your favorite style/shopping websites?
"I look at everything! I love seeing what's new on Barneys, Creatures of Comfort, La Garconne, Zara (I have a soft spot for Zara for sure), I could go on. I also love Pinterest and the blog French Voguettes for finding cool photos."

OK, time for the lightning round!

Beach or mountains?

Brooklyn or Manhattan?
"Manhattan (although parts of Brooklyn are beautiful and it has a certain romance to it!)"

8am or 8pm?

Favorite SF restaurant?
"Tacolicious and Scoma's (I like simple—I hate pretentious food)."

Silver or gold?
"I love them both but if only one, gold all the way!"

Heels or flats?
"Heels (I'm only 5'3"), but I don't do stilettos—maybe a 2-3 inch chunkier heel or wedge and usually a boot. My go-tos are my ankle boots—Rick Owens, Acne and Ann Demeulemeester.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
"BOTH. One should never have to choose. But having said that, I have a soft spot for the Beatles. My husband and I had acoustic renditions of Black Bird and Here Comes the Sun at our wedding ceremony."
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