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Can a Fashion Exec Solve Google Glass' Image Problem?

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Photo via <a href="">TechCrunch</a>
Photo via TechCrunch

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Google has hired fashion executive Ivy Ross, most recently head of marketing at Emeryville's, to lead Glass and help convince the masses that it's fashionable and wearable for normal people. The $1,500 device that's worn on the face has incited violence, spurred privacy concerns, been banned from bars, and SFers, at least, do not seem to be warming up to the technology. Which means Ross has quite a task ahead of her. Hopefully her Harvard degree and experience at Calvin Klein, Swatch, Gap, Coach, and Bausch & Lomb has prepared her well. Her first day on the job was today.

Another recent change-up at the Glass camp is the departure of lead electrical engineer Adrian Wong, who defected to competing face computer Oculus.
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