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You Can Bike to Work in This Suit

Photo via <a href="">Parker Dusseau</a>
Photo via Parker Dusseau

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"The biggest common complaint [cyclists] have is that they have to change their clothes once they get to work," Vaughn Brown tells Bloomberg Businessweek when he explains the inspiration behind his SF-based label Parker Dusseau's newest offering. It's called the Commuter Suit ($245 for the pants, $485 for the jacket), a tailored suit that's made of a wool-spandex blend and moonlights as activewear.

We find it hard to imagine that it would be any more comfortable to wear while biking from SoMa to Palo Alto than wearing straight spandex. But you will save yourself from walking into work with all eyes on you and your cycling kit (that leaves little to the imagination). Head over to Oakland's Standard & Strange to give the suit a try. And just remember, you may soon be skipping the outfit change, but you may still want to hang onto those showers.
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