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How to Wear a Suit if You're a Bride

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Kipper Clothiers was founded on a shared interest in menswear for women and transgender individuals. The two founders, Kyle Moshrefi and Erin Berg, had discovered from their own experiences that it was extremely difficult to fit into ready-to-wear menswear so they launched their own custom suiting brand and store. Who better then to tap for advice on how to build the bride's perfect wedding suit. The entire look is customizable from the patterns to the monograms and the buttons. And Moshrefi's background as a stylist always comes in handy in creating the complete ensemble. Fittings are by appointment only and can be scheduled here.

1. Start searching early

"You want to allow plenty of time before the big day to find the perfect outfit. We find that a lot of our clients like to start the process early so that there is no added stress. At Kipper Clothiers, our turnaround times are 5-7 weeks depending on which garments are ordered."

2. Match your accessories to your wedding colors

"A lot of our clients come in already having their wedding colors picked out. A great way to bring that element into your wedding suit is to choose ties/bow ties, socks, or pocket squares in those specific colors."

3. Don't be afraid of patterns

"It is your big day so you can dress however you want. We have noticed that some clients tend to steer clear of patterns and stick to traditional solid blues and greys for their wedding suits, but there is no need! A subtle pattern is a great way to bring your personality into the outfit. This applies to shirts as well."

4. Make it versatile

"A wedding suit is something you are probably going to wear again after the big day, so make it versatile. We don't recommend tuxedos or black suits because they tend to be too formal for most occasions."

5. It has to fit

"Fit is the most important element for your wedding suit. Most off-the-rack or ready-wear garments won't work which is why going the custom route makes the most sense. Kipper Clothiers takes over 36 body measurements to ensure the best fit possible so that you will look your absolute best on your wedding day."
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