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Blogging Is Still Fun a Decade Later for Kim Mitchell Stokes

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Photo via J'Adore Couture

Kim Mitchell Stokes literally lives the fashion lifestyle. When the Lower Pacific Heights/Japantown resident isn't writing and taking photos for her style blog J'Adore Couture, she's working at her day job as art director and designer for Banana Republic Factory Store. She's a veteran of San Francisco fashion and blogging—she's celebrating her 10th year of blogging this Month!—so naturally we wanted to get to know her better. Read on for our interview in which she reveals her fashion emergency Rx, her favorite San Francisco boutiques, and her finicky eating habits.

Photo via J'Adore Couture

When did you launch J'adore Couture?
"2004! Crazytown. I started it after the head of my graduate program said writing daily would help with my thesis. For a long time, the blog was about purely fashion—news, ad campaigns, magazine reviews—and nothing about me or my personal style. But a few years ago, I gradually started introducing more of me into the blog, and saw the readership grow."

What makes you blog?
"Honestly, it's purely for the pleasure. I love fashion and always have, and blogging is a way to put my voice out there. I also love connecting with readers and other bloggers. Some of the women I met back in the early days are still some of my good friends. I truly feel blessed thinking of what I've been able to do because of blogging, like go to Fashion Week, highlight my favorite brands, or start a film festival! San Francisco has a great blogging community and since I've been blogging for a while, I've seen it change and grow, and I think it's great that the city has been able to show we have a sartorial voice."

Who takes your photos?
"Mostly my husband Dana, but when he can't, I've relied on some blog friends (Krystal Bick, Jesica Ryzenberg, Adelle McElveen), my co-workers, or do it myself. I also really enjoy working with Lydia Hudgens both here and in New York and Ashley Batz. Both have a great eye and know how to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera."

Tell us something about yourself we would have never guessed.
"I'm a pretty picky eater, which can make going out a challenge. There are certain things I just don't like, and there are certain foods I don't like in certain forms, for example, I love popcorn but I don't like any other kind of corn (corn on the cob, etc.) I know, weird."

You're at work, and you get an email inviting you to a fabulous, dressed-up affair. You're wearing ripped jeans and loafers and don't have time to go home and change. What's your strategy?
"I usually keep heels in my desk so I'd probably swap out the loafers. Knowing how I like to mix up more tomboy-ish pieces with glam ones, I'm probably wearing a fun top, like my bronze sequin Proenza Schouler t-shirt. I also keep a small makeup bag in my desk, so I would do more of an evening face and I'd head out the door!"

How would you describe your sartorial personality and which Bay Area store best matches it?
"I'm basically a tomboy that also loves getting dressed up, so there's always a masculine/feminine mix in my style. My style is really all about the mash-up. Barneys really has it all, from higher end lines to more contemporary brands, shoes, bags, and lots of denim, but I also love local shops like Elizabeth Charles, La Boutique, Ethos, and Luna in Presidio Heights."

If you had to sacrifice one, what would it be: lipstick, mascara or brow pencil/gel?
"I wear mascara every day so I'm not giving up that! It would be a toss up beween lipstick and brows. My lips have a natural flush to them, so I think I could get away with not wearing lipstick if my eyes were fabulous!"

In five years I hope to be [fill in the blank].
"Still doing what I love, whatever that may be. Right now I love designing and I love blogging, and I'm happy to see where both of those take me."
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