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Five Fitness Moves That Will Make Your Clothes Fit Better

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Want to tone up for the beach? Michael Wilbert recommends lots of squats. Photo via <a href="">Coastal Fit</a>.
Want to tone up for the beach? Michael Wilbert recommends lots of squats. Photo via Coastal Fit.

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Summer officially kicks off this week, which you already know because your calendar is blowing up with social events. Weddings, reunions, vacations: This is the season when you reconnect with old friends, air kiss frenemies, and remind your ex that you, like fine wine, only improve with age. That means it's time to hit the gym. But do you have enough time?

We sat down with personal trainer Michael Wilbert to find out how long the average person needs to actually see a difference, and what exercises will produce the fastest results.

Michael —who you might recognize from his killer classes at Equinox, the Bay Club, Cardio-Tone, and the JCC— has been teaching group fitness classes for over six years and training clients privately through his business, Coastal Fit. He says that a combination of cardio and strength training will produce the fastest results for most people, but notes that every person is different. The fastest way to get fit: Boot camp or an interval training. Both will raise your heart rate, and help you burn calories.

If you're looking for the best exercises to help you look better at the beach in as little as a month, Michael has five recs.

  1. Squats for a great whole-body exercise
  2. Planks for core strength and muscular endurance
  3. Burpees as an uber-movement combining planks and squats (and leading you to question your life choices) li>
  4. Pullups to sculpt your arms and back li>
  5. Lunges to hit the legs and butt one last time li>

Of course, there's nothing like consistency to produce results. If you're not so good at motivating yourself to workout, get into a group fitness class or hire a trainer. Better yet, keep checking back for our free Racked Fit Club classes, and we can all sweat it out together.
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