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Make Your Own Tea Bags With This Easy Recipe from Mason Jar

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If you've ever ducked into Union Street's Marmalade to scoop up a darling dress or some chic accessories then you've certainly noticed the store's gorgeous interior and handcrafted furniture. In fact, everything was made by store owner Hope Colling's husband Pete. And together, they are the force behind interior decor store The Mason Jar, just a few blocks west.

To celebrate the launch of The Mason Jar's DIY events, we visited the store to learn Pete and Hope's DIY method of making tea bags. The flavors were built on three base options: green, black, and white teas. "We sourced pretty much all of the ingredients from SF Herb Company," Hope tells us. "And best of all, these teas can be poured over ice—and even with a splash of liquor." Try the hand-blended recipe after the jump or visit the store on July 17 for your very own in-person demo.

· Looseleaf tea
· Botanicals (chamomile, lavender, mint, verbana, etc.)
· Spices (cinnamon, vanilla extract)
· Teabag pouches
· Flatiron
· Embroidery floss and small label tags
· Stapler (or tape)

1. Choose a base tea and place a handful of the leaves into a small bowl.

2. Add your spices and botanicals to the bowl and mix them together. Then carefully spoon the mixture into a pouch until it's 2/3 of the way full.

3. Seal the teabag by holding the opening together and running it between the tongs of the flatiron for 5-8 seconds, depending on the heat setting.

4. Personalize your tags and attach them to the teabag using embroidery floss and a small staple or tape. Enjoy!
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