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Could This Plan Make Google Glass Cool?

Photo via Google Glass/<a href="">Instagram</a>
Photo via Google Glass/Instagram

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Google can learn a lesson from Apple's newly acquired Beats, according to Wired's Mat Honan. And that lesson is: the tech can suck but with the right celebrity connections, consumers notice and—most importantly—buy the product. "The buying public cares more about what Weezy wears in the studio or what Kobe wears on the private jet than what some nerd in San Francisco wears at his desk," Honan writes.

How does that apply to Glass? The celebrity support, is the primary takeaway—specifically, from professional athletes. Honan suggests that Google should develop and align its Glass apps with sports rather than with fashion. For example, Tiger Woods should wear Glass while using the app GolfSight, even if it's just for practice sessions. And in closing, Honan is persuasive in urging Google to rethink the whole marketing plan because let's face it, whatever the tech giant is doing now isn't working.
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