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The Apple Smartwatch Isn't Just a Figment of Our Imaginations

An iWatch concept by Yrving Doveralba at <a href="">VeneStudio</a>; photo via <a href="">VentureBeat</a>
An iWatch concept by Yrving Doveralba at VeneStudio; photo via VentureBeat

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The release of Apple's smartwatch is on the horizon. Really! Reuters reports that the Taiwan-based manufacturer Quanta Computers will start mass production of the watch (commonly referred to as "iWatch") in July. The retail launch is expected to follow in October, combined with an official press announcement in mid (to late) September.

The Apple insight is fresh off the heels of this week's news of the Moment Smartwatch from SF-based startup Momentum Labs. And with Samsung, Sony, and Motorola and Google (just to name a few) all making a big push in the smartwatch space, it appears that this wearable is less of a risk than others.

The design of the iWatch itself will include a curved screen (to fit comfortably around the wrist), a touch interface, and sensors to track your health and fitness activity. Some features will operate solely through the watch's functions while others will require a connection to a smartphone (presumably of the Apple variety).

So dear SF reader, would you be likely to wear one of these timepieces? Arguably, if you're already a Fitbit or Nike FuelBand wearer, the transition to a wristband that includes more features would be easy. And like Ringly's founder mentioned, this city is known in the wearable tech circles for its early adopters. So where better than here? Who knows—we'll all probably be speaking into our wrists by the end of the year.
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