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Will Hairstylists Make Google Glass the Next Vanity Staple?

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Your hairstylist may be the next to wear the Google Glass x DVF frames; photo via Net-A-Porter

Despite Mat Honan's solid plan to make Glass cool, Google still seems to see more value in tapping the "Explorer" set—everyday professionals who can use the face computer for their specific crafts. Hairstylists are the latest specialists putting the hands-free technology to use. Matrix—L'Oreal's brand for developing hair professionals and products—has launched Class for Glass that pairs Glass-clad celebrity hair stylists with fashion darlings (the latest session featured Dannijo designers Danielle and Jodi Snyder).

The concept is simple: the stylist can use Glass to find a hairstyle tutorial (i.e. low-side bun or ponytail) and can watch it while recreating the design. Simultaneously, Glass can record the recreation so that the client can watch and try it at home with his/her own Glass. It's the perfect self-perpetuating cycle—Google Glass for everyone!

But if the comments on the YouTube video are of any indication, folks aren't completely sold on the idea. One skeptical user writes, "So you need a $1,500 eye computer device to figure out how to do a simple pony tail?" All we can say in response is that if the stylist is using one of the frames designed by DVF (released today on Net-A-Porter and the official Google Glass store), then that would actually be a $1,800 face computer.
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