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Google's Security Princess Wants to Put Tech in Your Bra

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We already knew that Parisa Tabriz, Google's official "Security Princess," likes to shop at Scrap in Bayview. But now thanks to a profile in the July issue of Elle, we also know that she almost exclusively wears black ("It's slimming," Tabriz tells Elle) and has a "Gap-in-its-heyday sleek tomboy aesthetic: dark-wash jeans, clean-line crewnecks, and Chuck Taylors, with the occasional bomber jacket thrown on top." She also wears earrings and bras, which she hopes will soon contribute to tech security.

As the hacker community grows (both for good and for bad), the feeling of security becomes more tenuous. Elle reports that security experts are developing new, embedded technologies that will increase user protection and make user-generated passwords obsolete.

Instead, a smart chip will be embedded in everyday accessories to unlock devices. While phones may be an obvious choice to store these chips, Tabriz suggests more female-oriented accessories:

"I think phones are designed for men, because they're big and don't fit into your pockets all the time. But I'm always wearing a bra. I usually have earrings [on]."

So it's sounding like a smart bra that can unlock your computer, your phone, and your bank accounts isn't too far off. We already have a ring that basically acts like a personal assistant. Why not add more functions to our wearbles?
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