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Found! The Perfect Style Balance: 80% Cali Casual, 20% Glam

Photo via <a href="">The Fancy Pants Report</a>
Photo via The Fancy Pants Report

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Two things we immediately noticed about Kate Ogata, who runs The Fancy Pants Report: her perfectly-winged eyeliner and her immaculate nails. Oh, and of course add to that list her always-on-point California style, which maintains the perfect balance between laid back and glamorous. Sweatpants are elevated by a leopard pump; a dressy satin skirt is toned down with flat sandals.

We wanted to get to know Ms. Ogata a little better, so we invited the Potrero Hill-based stylist-by-day (at Stitch Fix) to join our growing list of blogstars. Read on for her strategy for getting ready in a hurry, homebody tendencies, and her baller hopes and dreams.

When did you launch The Fancy Pants Report?
"January 2012"

What makes you blog?
"It sounds like a cliché, but blogging really is a creative outlet. It's empowering to have a platform where you have complete control over content. For me, blogging is a digital scrapbook of my style evolution and overall aesthetic."

Who takes your photos?
"My (very) patient boyfriend."

Tell us something about yourself we would have never guessed.
"I'm a homebody. Going to events and hanging out with friends is fun, but I often find complete satisfaction in sitting at home in my sweats watching bad TV.

You're at work, and you get an email inviting you to a fabulous, dressed-up affair. You're wearing ripped jeans and loafers and don't have time to go home and change. What's your strategy?
"Lipstick is the easiest way to get glam in seconds. Fortunately, I always have a shade or two in my bag. If I felt like I needed an extra boost, I'd head over to Union Square for a pair of pointed pumps."

How would you describe your sartorial personality and which Bay Area store best matches it?
"I'm a bit of mixed bag when it comes to style. From a classic chambray shirt to trendy printed pants, I wear what I like and I just so happen to like a lot. However, I'm fairly consistent with my California casual vibe and when I'm in need of affordable on-trend pieces, Azalea boutique in Hayes Valley is my go-to."

If you had to sacrifice one, what would it be: lipstick, mascara or brow pencil/gel?
"Defined eyebrows frame the entire face, lipstick can work miracles and mascara is the cherry on top of perfectly drawn winged eyeliner. Only in my worst nightmares would I sacrifice one, but it would have to be mascara—plus, there are always falsies. Falsies don't count, right?"

In five years I hope to be [fill in the blank].
"... a little bit taller and a baller."
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