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Good and Bad Predictions About Upcoming Apple Product Releases

Phablet mock-up by TechSmartt and iWatch mock-up by VeneStudio; both photos via <a href="">Business Insider</a>
Phablet mock-up by TechSmartt and iWatch mock-up by VeneStudio; both photos via Business Insider

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There's some good news (kind of) and some bad news coming from Apple analysts ahead of the annual September announcements. First, the bad news: analyst Ming-Chi Kuo beleives that Apple might not release a larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6—nicknamed the "phablet" as a cross between a tablet and a phone—at the end of the third quarter as expected, AppleInsider reports. Kuo, who has a decent track record when it comes to Apple predictions, says the company will likely focus on launching the standard 4.7-inch model(as expected) before debuting the larger size possibly in the fourth quarter, maybe not until 2015.

Now, for the good news—albeit, it's still a rumor : analysts at Morgan Stanley believe the iWatch will be the best smart watch on the market and demand a $300 price tag. OK so the price isn't the good news, but the idea that the watch will be good enough to warant such a high price tag is exciting. "In our view, Apple will introduce a device with more sensors, and better form factor and aesthetics than competing devices in the market priced at $100-250," Morgan Stanley writes, Business Insider reports. Although, that's not to say that the extra cost may play a factor in demand.

A recent survey by Piper Jaffray shows that only 14% of adult consumers would pay $350 for an iWatch and out of the remainder, only 1% would pay $300-$350. That's not to say once the smartwatch is released that those folks won't change their minds. It's likely that no one ever expected nearly $850 as a fair price to pay for smartphones before the iPhone 5.
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