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You Can Now Sell Clothes at Crossroads Without Feeling Judged

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Crossroads' new Market Street store interior; photo by <a href="">Patricia Chang</a>
Crossroads' new Market Street store interior; photo by Patricia Chang

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We all love Crossroads Trading Company for getting instant cash for the clothes languishing in our closets, and for getting bargains on gently used, totally on-trend clothing. Except that the cash is not always so instant—there's the sign-up sheet, there's the waiting in line, there's the suffering through one of their buyers judging your clothes as they sift through your pile with their expert eyes.

Good news: Crossroads has launched a way to avoid all that. Yesterday, the company began offering Selling By Mail, which allows sellers to fill a bag with their good-quality castoffs, mail it in to Crossroads, then sit back and wait for a check to arrive in the mail. The best part is the shipping is totally free. We checked in with the company's Director of Marketing, Erin Wallace, to find out more.

How does Selling By Mail work?
"The key to this service is that it's incredibly simple.
Just request a Sell By Mail bag, and let us know if you want to receive a check or store credit. When you receive your bag, fill it with your gently used, in-season, on-trend pieces and send it back—the bag has a pre-paid return shipping label, so it's completely free. We'll send you a check or store credit as soon as we process your bag. So in a nutshell: ask for a bag, fill it up, send it back, get paid."

So receiving store credit is an option?
"Absolutely. We know many sellers are also die-hard Crossroads shoppers. Having a store credit in their wallet to use at their favorite Crossroads store is a thrill we wouldn't dare deny them."

You've been in the buy-sell-trade fashion industry for over 23 years now, with 32 brick and mortar locations nationwide. What made you decide to venture into the mail-in selling arena?
"We want our sellers to have options, and for some, selling by mail is simply more convenient. Also, we believe that we can buy more, pay more and do it faster than the some of the new resale start-ups, so why not?"

How much do sellers get paid?
"We're proud to say that we're extremely transparent in our pricing. We give our sellers 35% in cash or 50% in store credit of the price we give each piece of clothing. No take-it-or-leave-it offers, no algorithms, no waiting to see if your items sell before you get paid. At Crossroads, you always know exactly how we priced each piece and you get paid immediately."
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