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Forget the Heatwave With This Ugly Niners Sweater

<a href="">Niners Ugly Sweater</a>, <strong>$64.95</strong>
Niners Ugly Sweater, $64.95

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It's a little balmy outside —which is the San Francisco equivalent of a zillion degrees— so we understand if you're not exactly in the mood for sweater shopping. But what if we told you that you could combine Niners pride and ironic dressing into a single garment? For less than $65? Behold, the Niners Ugly Sweater, a 100% acrylic, crewneck assault on the eyes. Not only will it work for your ugly sweater parties this winter, it's also the perfect 12th man uniform. (What visiting team could focus on playing football in the new Levi's Stadium when surrounded by fans wearing these?) If you really want to embrace the normcore trend, pair this bad boy with some old-school, Jim Harbaugh pleated-front khakis. The Niners Team Store promises that sweaters will ship no later than September 8; order today, and you could be sporting this through most of the regular season.
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