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Will San Francisco Adopt a Retail Workers Bill of Rights?

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Do San Francisco's retail workers need their own bill of rights? Photo by <a href="">Mat Dunlap</a>.
Do San Francisco's retail workers need their own bill of rights? Photo by Mat Dunlap.

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Have you ever worked retail? Then you understand the uncertainty associated with shop life. Being on call in case one of your co-workers flakes. Getting sent home after an hour because business is slow and the manager doesn't need you after all. The 30-to-50-percent discount workers receive on shoes and apparel doesn't make up for all those lost hours. But that could be a thing of the past.

SFGate reports that Supervisor Eric Mar —most famous for his crusade against the Happy Meal— is introducing legislation to the Board of Supervisors compensate SF retail workers for those scheduling hassles. If adopted, the Retail Workers Bill of Rights would require formula retail stores to pay employees for at least four hours of work when they are on call, if the store cancels a scheduled shift with less than 24 hours' notice, or when a retail employee is asked to work for less than four hours. That formula retail distinction is important because the proposal perks would only apply to chain store employees. (Perhaps the supervisors think that small business treat their staff better?) For more details, check out Jobs With Justice's summary of the legislation.
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