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What?! Google Glass Has Health Benefits?

Image via <a href="">Google Glass</a>.
Image via Google Glass.

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There's a level of prestige that comes with Google Glass. It says: I have $1500+ dollars to spend on a face computer and you don't. It's easy to forget that Glass was designed with legitimate functions in mind. Some people are even using Glass to improve healthcare.

Information Week called out five wearable tech healthcare wins this week, and Google Glass was part of two of those nods. First, the publication applauded Augmedix. a San Francisco company that's using Glass to help physicians who are drowning in data and documentation. The publication also gave Glass props for surgical uses. (Apparently Stanford doctors are running a European app called MedicAR to guide surgeries step-by-step through Glass.) So there you have it; this year's most controversial wearable technology might someday save your life.
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