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Google Glass Creator Says Glass Might Not Be a Hit

DVF in Glass; photo via Google Glass/<a href="">Instagram</a>
DVF in Glass; photo via Google Glass/Instagram

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Are the challenges that Google Glass is facing because the face computer is ahead of its time? "My guess is, 15 years from now, walking down the street, there will be people walking around with something on their head," Glass creator Babak Parviz told the crowd (and CNET) at yesterday's Wearable Technologies Conference in SF.

That said, Parviz is first to admit that Google Glass may never be the tech giant's biggest hit: "Google Glass is one answer to [the question of what's next after smartphones and tablets]," he said. "It's not necessarily the definitive answer." To Google's credit, the frames are looking better—especially with help from DVF. But Google may want to finally take some of Mat Honan's free advice and bring back the cool factor to Glass. Maybe then $1,800 will feel like a fair price to pay for tech that can't really compete with smartphones and tablets—or at least, not yet.
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