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This Water Bike Looks Way Cooler Than Your Silly Land Bike

Photo via <a href="">Schiller Bikes</a>
Photo via Schiller Bikes

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Love biking but hate the overcrowded streets of SF? Then take to the water with these new water bikes from Schiller Bikes. The SF-based company released its first model today to sell to the public. The X1 retails for $6,495 (the Founder's Edition is $8,775) and features twin oscillating propellers for rudderless steering, inflatable pontoons, and proprietary two-stage 8:1 gear reduction with Gates—basically, very technical water biking mechanisms. "There are 1 billion bikes built on land for a planet that's two-thirds water," Schiller Bike's founder Judah Schiller explains to CNBC. And he could be onto something: Many of the Peninsula's tech campuses are within close distance to the Bay. So it could be just a matter of time, waterway infrastructure, and money before these bikes are local commuters' top choice.
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