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Who Wants to Set Up Shop on Haight Street?

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The three available spaces; photo via Craigslist
The three available spaces; photo via Craigslist

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There are three retail locations near Haight and Central that are available to lease, and the prices might not be too unreasonable, Hoodline reports. A Craigslist ad details the specifications of the spaces and notes that one lease is already pending. Hoodline works out the math to be about $4,500 dollars per month for rent, which sounds like a fair number in the city at the moment. As a point of reference, the landlord at Bibliohead's current (but soon to be past) location in Hayes Valley will ask for $10,000 dollars in rent once the building's retrofitting is complete later this year—and that's just for 700 square feet. We can only hope that a few of the stores around town that are in the same shoes at Bibliohead find new homes. Any takers for these Upper Haight storefronts? This building could be a soft place for a boutique or a bookstore to land. And if you get the space, be sure to drop us a line and let us know when your store will open.
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