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We Have a Verdict: Tina Phan Is One Phashionable Lawyer

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Image courtesy of Tina Phan.
Image courtesy of Tina Phan.

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Tina Phan launched her blog, Phashionable, less than a year ago, but her bold looks have already garnered props from mags like Instyle and Lucky. An attorney by day, she turns to fashion (and her blog) as a creative outlet. It's rare to spot a lawyer wearing a leather skirt or fringe, but Tina proves that a 9-to-5 gig doesn't have to define personal style.

Want to know how this SoMa blogger juggles her buttoned-up job with her online persona? Read on to learn when she finds time to blog, who wakes up early to shoot her photos, and (of course) her thoughts on zombies.

How do you balance blogging with your day job?
"Sometimes it can be hard, but it's great to be in such a conservative field and then be able to escape it and be more me on the blog. Weekends and evenings curled up to some Real Housewives is my favorite blogging time."

When did you launch Phashionable?
"November 2013."

What makes you blog?
"I love that my blog is not only a place to show my daily outfits and style, but it's also a place where I can tell a few funny stories and I can talk about anything that I find is weird or cool or interesting. It's my little corner of the internet that uniquely has my voice and that I promised would always reflect me- good, bad or ugly."

Who takes your photos?
"My husband takes all my photos. I don't know any other person in the world that would wake up early before work to do a photo shoot and then head into the office for a 12-hour day. Thank god for legally bound husbands! He's the best."

Tell us something about yourself we would have never guessed.
"I love scary movies. Thrillers, demons, serial killers, Saw movies, possession, zombies... Zombies are my absolute favorite. But they have to be running. I don't like a slow zombie."

You're at work, and you get an email inviting you to a fabulous, dressed-up affair. You're wearing ripped jeans and loafers and don't have time to go home and change. What's your strategy?
"Well, if it's the rare day that I forgot to bring my 'just in case' back-up ball gown and heels, then I would probably just go home. I wouldn't want to be rude and look like I'm not being respectful of the hosts and the guests by showing up in ripped jeans. That's why they had the dress code!"

How would you describe your sartorial personality and which Bay Area store best matches it?
"I like things that are cool, chic and easy. I'm currently loving jogging pants with sweaters and heels, mini-skirts with tees, and leather jackets with just about anything. I want to look cool but also be comfortable. Living in SoMa, there's not many boutiques but I am lucky enough to be close to Bloomingdales and Zara."

If you had to sacrifice one, what would it be: lipstick, mascara or brow pencil/gel?
"I would never sacrifice my brow pencil or mascara because I'm not insane! So it would have to be lipstick. I can never find the right shade of lipstick anyways."

What's your favorite thing about living in San Francisco?
"My favorite thing about the city is all the things people find cliché. I love all the amazing designer coffees, designer juices, designer salads, designer cheeses, designer workouts, designer marathons; all the amazing options that you can only find in San Francisco. I love that each neighborhood is so distinct and each is so proud of their differences."

In five years I hope to be …
"Living large and in charge."
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