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Jim Harbaugh Suffers Pleated Pants Relapse, Niners Lose

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Jim Harbaugh wears dad pants in this undated photo. Nothing has changed. Image via <a href="">Sports Grid</a>
Jim Harbaugh wears dad pants in this undated photo. Nothing has changed. Image via Sports Grid

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The Niners lost in more than one way yesterday. In addition to enduring a shut out during their pre-season opener at Levi's Stadium, players were forced to face Coach Jim Harbaugh once again wearing pleated, khaki pants.

You may recall that Harbaugh's trousers made headlines in January after his wife, Sarah, called into a local radio show to commiserate about the much-derided, $8 pleated-front style from Walmart. Sarah told listeners that she had pleaded with Jim to try flat front pants to show off his "flattering body." Finally, he acquiesced. The coach even filmed a PSA for Dockers (which is part of stadium-sponsor Levi's) about the dangers of dad pants. Sadly, that more stylish turn was short-lived.

Days after test-driving flat fronts for the ad, Jim was back to his baggy ways, telling USA Today that he preferred the "loose-fitting" pants. His sartorial stubbornness has persisted as we approach football season; Harbaugh has donned pleated khakis for both of the pre-season games this year.

We get it. Jim Harbaugh likes dad pants. But maybe —just to mix things up— he could try coaching in those flat front Dockers before the regular season starts? Two Niners losses is too many.
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