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BlackV Club Insists That Billionaires Hate Options

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BlackV Club, a San Francisco startup, is not about options. The company promises "you can have any shirt you want, as long as it's a black v-neck." And we're not talking about 8,000 variations on the style. There will be one, (hopefully) perfect black v-neck t-shirt that every Bay Area billionaire (or wannabe billionaire) can buy without a second thought.

Founders Edward Lando and Yagil Burowski describe decision-making in stores as "horrible," and tell Forbes that they implemented their black v-neck uniforms "to have zen" in their closets."When we want something to wear we just open the closet and there are five stacked, clean, awesome v-necks smiling at us; just pick one and feel awesome." The Bay Area's titans of industry just might agree.

The idea behind the BlackV app is to eliminate "decision fatigue." Lando and Burowski reason that the most successful people have more important decisions to make than what to wear, and they claim that there are already some Silicon Valley big shots on board with the idea. When Forbes asked if the chiefs at Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat were on board, Lando responded "no names, but it pretty much covers everything you've asked".

According to ABC News, each BlackV sale will be an event; once an item sells out, the app will sell another single, yet-to-be-determined item. The irony is that someone at BlackV will now be stuck sifting through an endless array of black v-neck options so BlackV members don't have to.
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