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Take That Pack Off Your Back Before You Board Muni

Be fashion-forward without compromising your posture with this Moschino backpack. Image via <a href="">Instagram</a>.
Be fashion-forward without compromising your posture with this Moschino backpack. Image via Instagram.

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Chiropractors suggest that fully-loaded shoulder bags should be no more than 10 percent of your body weight because carrying a heavy statement bag on your solder is a posture killer. And yes, it's almost impossible to keep a commuter tote full of everything you need within that 10 percent range, but the backpack renaissance is here to save us from the unsexy, off-kilter look. The increasing number of backpacks, however, raises new questions about the right way for SF-ers to wear the trend on crowded Muni vehicles.

The answer, according to 7x7, is that you shouldn't. Instead, the mag recommends nestling your backpack between your feet while standing, or keeping it on your lap when seated. After a zillion years of riding public transit in dozens of cities, that seems like good advice. If you take up precious rush hour standing room or seating on the train with your backpack, everyone will think that you're a jerk. It's not just good Muni etiquette; there's also a safety issue at play.

We've all seen the pickpocketing awareness ads on Muni and heard the announcements that you should "keep your phone down and your eyes up" while riding. You probably even know someone who's lost a phone to sticky fingers during rush hour. It's easy for a pickpocket to reach inside your backpack and snatch your wallet, your phone, or your favorite pair of sunglasses. (It happens, and it will put a damper on your day.) Whether you decide to splurge on a super-fancy pack, or save with a more moderately-priced one, take your bag off your back before you board the bus or train.
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