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It's Time to Vote! Who's the Hottest Female Trainer in SF?

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Welcome to Racked SF's search for San Francisco's hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile sixteen smoking hot candidates who work at local gyms and studios. Then, once you've gotten to know everyone, we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which you get to vote for your favorite. Let the games begin!

Who will get your vote?

Voting for the hottest male trainer commenced yesterday, and now it's time to put the ladies to the test. The winners from the two polls will face off starting on Monday in a championship round for the ultimate title of Hottest Trainer 2014.

This year's female contestants are (in alphabetical order by first name) Arielle Rabier of Poletential and Nandi Yoga, Carey Rockland of Carey Rockland Personal Training and Bay-Fit, Caroline Jordan of Caroline Jordan Fitness and Equinox, Carro Czechowska of Pilates with Carro, Erica Stenz of Barry's Bootcamp, Heather Anderson of SoulCycle, Jenn Pattee of Basic Training, and Lauren Slater of Yoga Tree.

Click through the gallery above to refresh your memory on each female trainer and to find links to their profiles. The poll will close 48 hours after it's published, so you only have until noon on Sunday to vote for the hottest female trainer.

Poll results

Update: Erica Stenz in the women's poll winner!