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You'll Actually Want These Wearable Tech Shirts and Shorts

Photo via Athos/<a href="">Instagram</a>
Photo via Athos/Instagram

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Wearable tech is reaching a new level of cool with fitness shirts and shorts that track muscle exertion from Athos. The Silicon Valley-based startup is launching a line of clothing that uses embedded sensors and wires to detect and track all impulses of the body, providing the user with relevant feedback that can streamline and improve workouts. "For wearables to become commonplace, they need to be able to add value and fit into your life, without just being an interesting gadget," Dhananja "DJ" Jayalath, an Athos co-founder, tells SFGate. (See? Another lesson learned from Google Glass.) "With Athos, you learn you're doing a lot with your right quad and not with your left, so you work on your left quad to make it stronger, less limiting. It tells you how to improve."

Athos has tapped an impressive list of professional athletes to test its wearable tech products, including Jake Waxenberg and Jermaine O'Neal, but the startup isn't just targeting the elite movers of the world: It wants all of us in wearable tech. That's not such a farfetched plan. At $99 for the clothing and $199 for the tech device, the system is affordable, especially if used in lieu of a personal trainer. That, after all, was the original idea behind the product.

If you're slightly hesitant to stick tech across your body, then wait until after the entire Golden State Warriors team is regularly using the clothing come the release date in November. That should be a solid testing pool to test the line for any kinks.
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