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These Street Artists Claim Cavalli Ripped Off Their SF Mural

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A Revok, Reyes, and Steel mural located on Mission between 9th and 10th. Photo via <a href="http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/revok-x-reyes-x-steel">Juxtapoz</a>.
A Revok, Reyes, and Steel mural located on Mission between 9th and 10th. Photo via Juxtapoz.

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Have you seen this Revok, Reyes, and Steel mural on Mission? Oh, you have? Then you might have something in common with Roberto Cavalli. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the trio is suing the Italian designer in federal court for copyright infringement, claiming that his Spring 2014 Just Cavalli clothing and accessories collection ripped off their work.

Jason "Revok" Williams, Victor "Reyes" Chapa, and Jeffrey "Steel" Rubin claim that Just Cavalli copied their design for a "Graffiti" collection without their knowledge or permission, defaced the design by rearranging some of the elements, superimposed the Just Cavalli name in spray-paint style "as if [it] were part of the original work," and added "what appears to be a signature, creating the false impression that Roberto Cavalli himself was the artist."

In addition to a general declaration of wrong-doing, they want all the profits from the line. The artists say that they have never consented for their work to be used in consumer products, and the Cavalli line damages their reputations. "Nothing is more antithetical to the outsider 'street cred' that is essential to graffiti artists … than association with European chic, luxury and glamour — of which Cavalli is the epitome. To anyone who recognizes their work, Plaintiffs are now wide open to charges of 'selling out.'"

If there's a silver-lining for Cavalli in this legal fiasco, it's that someone still thinks his designs are the epitome of European glamour.
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