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La Taqueria Named America's Best Burrito; Le Marais Opens Its Bistro; Cafes to Relax and Unplug; More!

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Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF editor Allie Pape shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

Le Marais Bistro. [Photo: Patricia Chang]

MISSION—Via an exhaustive bracket sponsored by Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight folks, La Taqueria has earned the title of America's Best Burrito. But SF's own expert, Burritoeater, thinks the honor should have been given elsewhere.

MARINA—Le Marais Bakery's bistro expansion is now up-and-running, with pastas, seafood, and more to accompany their excellent housemade bread and desserts.

SAN FRANCISCO—Need a place to unwind away from armies of laptop-toting students and permalancers? We rounded up 17 cafes that eschew wi-fi—and offer tasty drinks to enjoy while you read a book, write in your journal, or have a heart-to-heart with a friend.

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—The combined powers of Saison's chef and Umami Burger's founder are about to unleash Fat Noodle, a new chain of build-your-own Asian noodle shops.

NOPA/WESTERN ADDITION—Fans of Brenda's French Soul Food will be pumped to learn that she's adding another location to her empire: Brenda's Meet & Three, soon to arrive on Divis.

ALAMEDA—Its owner may have overshadowed it by getting thrown in jail for drunkenly biting a cop at the opening party, but Capone's Speakeasy is still up and running. Take a photo tour of the absolutely stunning (and huge!) space.

CASTRO—After Mexican-Americans protested its name, calling it offensive, brand-new Mexican spot Bandidos has decided to change its moniker.

CASTRO—Sorry, Cafe du Nord fans: while the upcoming revamp of the historic venue will still have live music, its days as a true concert spot are officially over.