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We're Liveblogging the Altuzarra x Target Collection from Metreon!

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The Altuzarra x Target collaboration, a.k.a. Altuzarrampage is finally here! Mark Olson is live on the scene at the Metreon City Target store on Mission. Read on for his play-by-ply account.

7:02 I'm second in line. The first person arrived right before me at 7:00.

7:42 There's not as much excitement about this collection. Only six people in line now.

7:45 Everyone's chill and chatting. Some people look confused as they walk by, but no one has asked what we're doing out here.

7:47 People seem surprised that there isn't more of a line.

7:51 We're discussing what pieces we're excited for. Seems like the tuxedo jackets and trenches are favorites.

7:55 More people have showed up, there's about a dozen of us here now!

8:00 We're in!

8:02 People are pulling one or two of every piece they want. No one knows what sizing will be like.

8:04 Important update: This location does not have the military trench. Stock is limited to a small section by the entrance.

8:07 The early-rising shoppers do not seem pleased. We overheard people saying that everything looks cheap.

8:08 People still grabbed a lot and headed to the fitting rooms. The trenches are now gone.

8:10 The snake print pieces were not a hit. If you were looking for one of those, you can sleep in a little longer. There will be plenty here later.

8:14 Everyone wanted a tuxedo jacket outside, but the racks of them are still totally full. They don't look as good in person.

8:17 No one's touched the shoes.

8:19 Word from the fitting room is that the fit is off. People say the jackets "are cut for a big chest."

8:20 The white and blue-striped pieces are doing well.

8:22 The belts are gone.

8:25 An employee just came from the dressing room with a huge pile of pieces to restock.

8:28 This is definitely a collection that you need to try on. People are saying the pieces are either surprisingly nice once on or they look cheap.

8:30 Shoppers liked the embroidered sweater, the black tuxedo jacket, and the white striped dress, but were generally disappointed in the collection. People don't like the fabrics and thought the clothes would be nicer.

8:34 The early crowd has come and gone, but there are still people trickling in to shop. The stock is still pretty full.

8:37 The trench coats are gone, so you'll have to hit another location to find one of those. That's it for me today!
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