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Dudes Who Hate Pants Now Championing the Right to Bare Arms

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

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Hawaiian shirts should be left in Hawaii. Or some other tropical location. They do not belong in an everyday wardrobe. But Chubbies just doesn't care. We respect that.

The brand that has long-shunned conventional trouser standards with its shorts-only offerings is now applying the same fabric-averse stance to sleeves. Today, Chubbies launched its Hawaiian shirt style, The Nutter, to cater to "real guys who are hairy and have bellies and like to go out on the weekend."

Rainer Castillo, head of product and design, tells Fast Company, "If I look at the market today, Hawaiian-style shirts are too snug and for hipsters, or way too large and built for a 400-pound man. I am by no means Adonis's model of perfection. I'm a 250-pound man who has a pretty good beer belly."

Chubbies is filling the market void with a Hawaiian shirt for guys who have similar, not-quite-Adonis physiques. The Nutter is a pop-over style —the team eschews the top button as a symbol of "life in a drab office"— available in 12 patterns, including pineapples, parrots, boats, and florals. Shirts are priced at $74.50, and will ship before December 15. Pre-order yours here and get ready to rock your weekend, or just a weekend state-of-mind.
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