bodyFi is one of the fitness newcomers to the Mission."> clock menu more-arrow no yes mobile

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Can the Mission Beat Cow Hollow in the Fitness Fads?

<a href="">bodyFi</a> is one of the fitness newcomers to the Mission.
bodyFi is one of the fitness newcomers to the Mission.

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The Marina/Cow Hollow area is the reigning fitness capital of San Francisco. It has Bar Method, Body Rok, Crunch, Dailey Method, Equinox, Pilates ProWorks, SoulCycle, Sweat Republic, and Taylor Fit. That's a whole lotta fitness in a relatively small space. But Mission Local suggests that the Mission is a worthy challenger for the fitness crown.

In addition to the approximately 14,000 yoga studios —just an estimate— and ODC in the neighborhood, the site says that Mission Street has become San Francisco's "muscle mile," pointing to bodyFi, Pop Physique, Rogue & Saint, and a planned gym in the former Cine Latino Theater as proof. (The site cleverly notes that bodyFi, housed in a former church, has replaced God on the street.) You can read all the evidence at Mission Local, and decide for yourself whether the Mission can actually capture the fitness heavyweight title.
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