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SF Profs Explain Why You Can't Trust Jean Size Labels

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There's no consistency in denim sizing. We all know that, right? But two Academy of Art University instructors offered Good Morning America insight into those sizing discrepancies this morning.

Merchandising instructor Hersha Steinbock told the show that the government tried to create uniform sizing standards when mass production ramped up in the 1930s, but the idea was out of style by 1983. Now, brands use their own standards as a "proprietary advantage," assuming that once you know your size and fit in a specific brand, you won't stray to other brands.

Terhi Ketola-Stutch, AAU's 3D design coordinator, found that the waist measurements in a seven-brand denim sampling varied as much as four inches, but noted that the differences could be attributed to style of jeans. (The increasingly-popular high-waisted styles have smaller waists.) Ketola-Stutch says that hip measurements are more reliable for determining a proper fit.

Your best bet when buying denim? Try before you buy. But for the full sizing story —including which jeans tend to run smallest— check out the video here.
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