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Forbes Blames Your Brain for Your Apple Fanaticism

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Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6 and the mysterious iWatch in Cupertino next week, and we care about every tidbit of information related to these products because our brains are hooked on the Apple experience. Forbes says that "Apple's connection with its consumers has gone way beyond the simply emotional" because the company has established "neurological connectivity" with our brains.

The theory is that a retailer can achieve neurological connectivity when it creates a strong, subconscious, psychological and emotional response through an elevated experience, (e.g. the grand product announcement or the Apple store). When a person encounters that type of "elevated experience," the brain releases chemicals, including dopamine, which "leads to feelings of euphoria, self-satisfaction and well-being." According to Forbes, it can even lead to addiction. That practically religious fervor that surrounds Apple? Your brain interprets it as religious fervor. So there's no need to apologize for your Apple obsession. It's not you; it's just science.
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