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Wedding Spot Wants To Be the Open Table of Events

Photo via <a href="">Wedding Spot/Trentadue Winery</a>
Photo via Wedding Spot/Trentadue Winery

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Finding a wedding venue is stressful, but at least brides get a pass on being nutty while searching for "the one." When it comes to planning any other off-site party, whether it's a birthday bash or a Halloween throw down, no one wants to help you through your location-hunting meltdown. It's still hard, but your friends are too busy tip-toeing around a bridezilla to fein sympathy.

Wedding Spot is trying to ease that burden: CEO Tina Hoang-To tells VentureBeat that the company will soon rebrand to include to all kinds of event venues.

The SF-based startup currently offers wedding venue searches —based on party size, availability, and pricing— with the kind of drop-down-menu ease that has made Open Table bookings so popular for so long. That's no coincidence. Huang-To wants Wedding Spot to be the "Open Table of the events industry."

The company boasts that it has helped more than 200,000 couples find venues in 13 states, and says that a nationwide expansion is in the works. Now if they can just speed up the rebranding, so we can start party planning.
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