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Are These the Fanciest Bags to Emerge from the Bay Area?

Image courtesy of <a href="">Conner Whitlock</a>.
Image courtesy of Conner Whitlock.

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Conner Whitlock bags are not for the budget shopper. The luxury line —designed by Marin's Julie Conner Whitlock and produced in Paris and Milan— incorporates precious metals and exotic materials like mink and python. The calf-hair version of a smaller, L'Opera style retails for $2800. A one-of-a-kind crocodile St. Germain lists for $20,000. Among her latest offerings, calf-hair bags range from $2400 to $2600, the mink styles are around $4700, and the exotics fall in between.

Julie's line is hand-made in the same Parisian atelier that produces accessories for Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, and Marc Jacobs. Because she's working with expensive materials —mink, fox, Black Nile crocodile, ostrich and anaconda— her runs are limited: Conner Whitlock produces approximately 25-30 bags each year. Due to the exclusivity, Julie equates owning a Conner Whitlock with "owning a fabulous piece of jewelry."

Locally, you can find Julie's designs at Spa Radiance and Shoe Stories, but don't expect to find the python styles in Bay Area: Python sales have been banned in California since the 70s.
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