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Dream Your Weekend Away at This Union Square Chill Space

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream installation in Union Square. Photo by Robyn Hagan Cain
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream installation in Union Square. Photo by Robyn Hagan Cain

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Still sad that you missed all the artsy chill spaces at Burning Man last week? If it's any consolation, you can pop over to Union Square where Marc Jacobs is celebrating the new Daisy Dream fragrance launch with a "Daisy Dream Cloud Lounge" in Union Square across from Macy's. It's bright white, dust-free, and seemingly void of acid, but the oversized cloud-like structures and couches are kind of trippy in a sterile, family-friendly way.

The installation opened today, and will remain in Union Square through Monday, September 8. You can hang out under a cloud canopy while fanning yourself with a Daisy Dream-scented fan —not a terrible idea, since it's actually warm— or you can partake in the full interactive experience by assembling your own "dream capsule" on one of the iPads in the dream oasis. (Their words, not ours.)

We poked at the dream capsule for a few minutes, which involves selecting your "dream" pictures from a set of images. Apparently, this will enter you into a contest for a dream vacation based on your capsule. Choose wisely.

Capsules aside, there will be additional dreamy experiences at the installation this weekend. On Saturday, September 6, Popsugar is co-hosting an event at the Dream Clouds Lounge from 1-4 p.m. with Pop Up Gelato, Sidewalk Juice, and an Instaprint station where people who Instagram and hashtag #mjdaisydream can print out their photos.
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