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There's a New Artist Collective Heading to Noe Valley

L'Atelier's future home in Noe Valley.
L'Atelier's future home in Noe Valley.

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After spotting an ad on Noe Valley SF seeking artisans for a 24th Street upcycling space, we just had to know more about the new addition to the neighborhood. So we responded to the original Craigslist post, and learned that the store owners are Cynthia and Anthony Webb and the shop will be called L'Atelier.

Sandwiched between Heroine and the UPS Store at 4102 24th Street (near Castro), L'Atelier will be a collective of Bay Area designers and artists creating everything from ladies apparel and accessories to furniture and home goods. Cynthia — who is also an artist and designer— tells us that the opening is at least four weeks away while the space is being renovated. Look forward to the opening sometime in October.
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4102 24th street, San francisco, CA