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Tamar Wider Will Harness Your Fall Wardrobe Potential

<a href="">Camp football harness</a>, $88.
Camp football harness, $88.

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Harnesses are not for everyone. Most people who try them look like they stepped out of a bondage club on the way to Oktoberfest. But if you can actually nail the trend, it's the ultimate accolade on your trophy shelf of fashion badassery. So why not give it a shot? This football harness from Tamar Wider's Camp collection —you probably know her as The 2Bandits designer— is a forgiving foray into the look. More sassy crop top than glorified chest belt, the red leather topper has the feeling of old-school Ivy League football pads. And while the Camp website describes this vegan leather vest as brown, we think there's enough of a reddish tone to make it an experimental fashion piece for a Niners game.
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