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Before She Was Famous, Jessica Chastain Was a Corpse in SF

Image: Yves Saint Laurent
Image: Yves Saint Laurent

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Jessica Chastain is having a moment. A lot of moments, actually. (And we're not just talking about that bronze Versace she wore to the Golden Globes last night.) After winning international attention in 2011's The Tree of Life, it seems that the actress can't make it through an award season without being nominated for something everything. So here we are again, watching her wear beautiful outfits; waiting to hear her name called from the podium. But before the Versace gowns, before the Yves Saint Laurent campaigns, Jessica —who got her start in plays in San Francisco— was a corpse on TV. "I was literally just lying there on the street in San Francisco in the cold and the rain. Six months later they brought me back to lie in the street again, but even then I never thought, I need to do a different job. I was still so excited about it,'" she tells The Telegraph.

Suddenly, the work conditions at your startup don't seem so bad, right?
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