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Even Eva Mendes Will Give This a Try to Fight Stretch Marks

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Welcome to Esther Tested, where surfer and Racked SF associate editor Esther Hahn shares her best tips for fitness and beauty in the Bay.

Photo via Nordstrom
Each new year brings big plans to slim down or tone up. But as much as we contemplate the fitness end of resolutions, it's also important to consider skin care to avoid the unsightly stretch marks that accompany weight loss. The best lotion that I've found to keep skin elastic and unmarred is the La Mer Reparative Body Lotion. It's also a trusted option for erasing pregnancy stretch marks. (One beauty expert recently recommended it to new mother Eva Mendes). The price tag may feel steep at $175, but —for a limited time— Nordstrom is offering a bundle of two for $280. So go ahead and shed a few pounds—just remember to apply this lotion to your tummy and thighs to keep everything looking tight and mark free.
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