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Where to Eat (and Not Eat) Foie Gras; Bone Broth Arrives in SF; Thomas Keller's Pop-Up; More!

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

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SAN FRANCISCO—Now that foie gras is legal again, you might feel like having some. Here are 20 places to make that happen.

BAY AREA—On the flip side, these three Michelin-starred Bay Area chefs aren't making any plans to put foie back on their menus. Find out why.

BAY AREA—Bone broth is the hottest new trend going in food, and now there's a place to get some right here in SF.

NAPA—Thomas Keller is coping with the French Laundry's ongoing renovation by opening a new pop-up in Napa.

HAYES VALLEY—A little know-how and a lot of liquid nitrogen have combined to create beer ice cream that actually gets you drunk, invented right here in SF.

SOMA—America's favorite woo girl, Tara Reid, was in town this week. She ate pizza at Zero Zero, and made a memorable impression at Lucky Strike by taking her top off to go bowling.

COW HOLLOW—Speaking of buzz, 16-year-old chef and media darling Flynn McGarry is headed to SF to cook a one-night-only meal at Atelier Crenn.

BAY AREA—It's been another big week for closures, with Box & Bells, Supperclub, Mescolanza, and The Addition (Yoshi's SF replacement) all saying goodbye. And Daniel Patterson's Haven is going under the knife.