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What Should You Wear to Lucky Strike? Tara Reid Weighs In

Photos: Instagram/<a href="http://instagram.com/tarareid/">Tara Reid</a>
Photos: Instagram/Tara Reid

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Lucky Strike, the upscale bowling alley in SoMa, has a dress code. It's a laughable concept in super-casual San Francisco—and mostly unenforced—but it exists. On the venue's website, you'll see a long list of rules. "Neat, casual fitted attire is required." No work boots. Athletic wear of any kind, including hoodies: forbidden. So if you're planning a bowling outing, you have to make a decision: Do you boldly rock your hoodie, daring staffers to suggest that you're not a tech billionaire? Or do you play by the rules?

Two-time Sharknado survivor Tara Reid was presented with this exact dilemma in San Francisco this week. And since she played Bunny Lebowski in the most important bowling film of all time, we'll defer to her expertise.

Tara started the evening with a black sweater because it's generally brisk outside in SF and it's très important to layer. Indoors, however, is an entirely different situation. Once the game got going, Tara shed her pesky sweater to embrace the underwear as outerwear trend. Solved: The perfect ensemble for Lucky Strike. Black bra, white jeans, Uggs, and a delicate infinity necklace. Neat. Casual. Fitted. Done.

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