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Meet Chance and Echo: Artful Gentleman's Canine Sales Staff

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This is Store Sidekicks, an occasional, end-of-the-week feature in which we profile the fuzzy wuzzy creatures who inhabit shops around the city. If you'd like to nominate your favorite store animal, drop us a line at

Photos:<a href="">Kim Lucian</a>
Photos:Kim Lucian

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The McRoskey Mattress Company on Market Street isn't just home to the local designers who showcase their wares at Artful Gentleman. It's also the daytime retreat for two super-chill Greyhounds, Chance and Echo.

The laid-back doggie duo accompany Creative Director Jake Wall to work each day, and can usually be found curled on their beds next to his desk. Chance is Jake's dog. Echo is Chance's pet. "I got Chance in 2008," Jake explains. "Chance got Echo in early 2011… He had proven himself worthy of a pet. I felt like he was ready for the responsibility."

Both rescues, Chance is the soulful, black-and-white male who excels at everything. Echo is the gorgeous, tan female. Jake admits that Chance is the smarter of the two, but adds, "I'm not asking her to cure cancer. That's Chance's job."

Unlike most dogs that can be won over with treats or toys, Chance and Echo are hard to bribe. Jake says that Chance has exactly one toy that he loves— a duck that came home with him when he was adopted. Echo, while pretty, may lack the coordination to play with toys. "When she goes to run, she tries to put her hind legs before her front legs, and then she falls over. She's just not bright."

Chance and Echo aren't on social media yet, so you'll actually have to visit the store to see more of the pair. If you want to curry favor with these canine cuties, Jake advises, "Belly rubs are good. Ear scratches are fine. They don't like strange people touching their butts. Quite frankly, who does?"

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