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Your First Look at Artful Gentleman's Diffusion Line, ROYGBIV

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Kelly Puleio

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If you don't have $2000+ dollars to spend on a custom Artful Gentleman suit —or even if you do— you might want to take a look at the brand's new limited edition ready-to-wear line, ROYGBIV. AG Creative Director Jake Wall teamed up with fellow Fashion Incubator alum Bethany Meuleners this season to create five easy pieces for men and women that can serve as go-to items in any wardrobe.

The capsules include a coat, pants, dress, skirt, and sweater for the ladies, and a jogger, button-down, sweater, tie, and overcoat for the gents. Men's pricing ranges between $110 and $1295, while women's runs $395 to $1095. Each piece is signed and numbered, and the designers will produce no more than 120 units of any particular garment.

The idea behind ROYGBIV is that the pieces can either play well together, or work with other items in your wardrobe. Either way, these are go-to clothes that will always look polished. "We make clothes for people who want to have a relationship with their clothes," Jake tells Racked. "We really hope you'll mix and match these with anything. I look forward to the day when I get to see our skirt out there with something that I never would have thought to pair it with, and it looks badass. I want to see more badassery on the street."

The highlights of the line are the quality and attention to detail. At first glance, this collection seems like a simple combination of black, white, and blue; upon closer examination, you'll notice thoughtful details like leather lined pockets, grosgrain accents, and textured textiles that make each item feel special.

That thoughtfulness extends to the make the garments more wearable, too. "I love the idea of a layered look— a v-neck with a men's shirt under it, but I struggle with the fact that the shirt feels blousy. It gets hung up underneath [the sweater]. The two are almost fighting. By adding leather around the collar, we get a reinforced collar, and the reinforced collar helps the shirt stay in place as well," Jake explains.

Artful Gentleman is looking to bring ROYGBIV to life through a $40,000 Indiegogo campaign, and clients who order pieces through the crowd funding platform can get deep discounts on the collection. The ladies' shirtdress, usually $425, is only $295 for Indiegogo supporters, and the men's sweater, normally $525, will be $325. (If you're interested in purchasing all five pieces of either capsule collection, you'll save about $1000.) Items will ship sometime between April and June, giving you plenty of wear through the chilly San Francisco summer.

The Indiegogo campaign is live only to Racked readers until Thursday, January 29th, so snag your favorite pieces before they're gone. If you like what you see, be sure to tell your friends. Should ROYGBIV exceed its initial fundraising amount and move into stretch goal territory, there will be additional pieces and opportunities to buy the line in local stores.

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