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Shreve & Co Sets Its Sights on a Permanent Location

Photo: Lochte Architectural Group

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In April, Harry Winston made a move on the (now) former Shreve & Co spot at 200 Post, forcing Shreve to find a new home after 109 years in the same place. The San Francisco jeweler reopened in August in its temporary location at 117 Post. But there's yet another move on the horizon: Managing Partner Lane Schiffman tells Racked that Shreve is setting up shop across the street at 150 Post next year.

If that address sounds familiar, it's probably because it's currently one of three H&M locations in Union Square. Though the Swedish megastore will keep its digs through the holidays, Shreve plans to begin construction in April, and (hopefully) move in around September 2016.

The newer, bigger Shreve will have two floors of showroom space and dedicated boutiques for several of the retailer's larger brands, like Patek Phillipe and Rolex. In addition to the standard jewelry displays, the design concept includes room for watchmakers, jewelry makers, events, and a special VIP salon.

Schiffman promises that the store will be built to move forward into the future. "We certainly want to tip our hat to our past and our history of 163 years in this market, but at the same time we really want to engage...the future of our market," he explains.

The primary goal, according to Schiffman, is for customers to feel comfortable when they walk in. "I want everyone to feel at home, like they're coming to our home. We want to welcome them. That's what our team is all about—engaging the clients and building relationships for generations."