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Festival Style Takes a Turn for the '90s on Treasure Island

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Apparently all the cool kids are missing the '90s—even if they were in diapers the first time around. We're talking plaid for days, combat boots, bodysuits and dark lipstick. No doubt, the era is queueing up for a comeback, as we spied with our own eyes over the weekend. Time to channel your inner Angela Chase —or perhaps Rayanne is more your speed?

In recent years, festival attire has been firmly rooted in '60s and '70s nostalgia: flower crowns, faux fur, and wispy, fringed shawls that make for Instagram glory when set against the backdrop of golden hour. But last weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival took a harder turn. For starters, there was more plaid flannel than a lumberjack convention. And while flower crowns had a strong showing thanks to Workshop's arts and crafts space, the overall vibe was more grunge that hippie glam.

Treasure Island may have marked the end of the 2015 festival circuit, but the fashion signaled what's to come in 2016. Our advice? Dig out your Jordan Catalano poster (or buy one on eBay) and ready your Coachella-worn Docs. The '90s are back.