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We Tumble 4 BKR's Teeny Collection

Photo: BKR

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Let's all drink to cult-fave and SF-based water bottle company BKR (ˈbēkər/) on the recent release of its adorable Teeny collection. Available in eight dazzling colors—we're particularly smitten with Romeothe 250 ml water bottles are shrunken versions of the brand's signature 500-ml size— known for keeping the hip and eco-conscious well hydrated and seriously addicted since 2011. (Yes, there are celeb fans galore.)

Co-founders and besties Tal Winter and Kate Cutler were inspired to "downsize" after an overseas trip: "Ever since going to Japan, we've both had this obsession with tiny, cute things, so a part of us wanted to make a teeny BKR," says Winter. This plus customers' constant pleas for a smaller bottle to carry in their micro bags sealed the collection's fate birth.

FYI: Every BKR bottle is made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials. The bottle is soda-lime glass, the sleeve and gasket are silicone, and the cap is made of food-grade, recyclable polypropylene.

Aching for your own Teeny? Buy one for $28. Glug glug...