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Girl Crush Times Two: Jess Lee and Rebecca Minkoff Edition

Pictured from left: Jess Lee, Rebecca Minkoff.
Pictured from left: Jess Lee, Rebecca Minkoff.
Photos: Polyvore.

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When we got an exclusive invite to Polyvore's bi-annual community meet-up this week, we RSVP'd right away. Then, we learned Jess Lee, awesome girlboss and Polyvore CEO, and cool-girl designer Rebecca Minkoff were on the bill, and we were going to interview them. Next thing we did? Made a blow-dry appointment for the morning of (obviously).

Rebecca Minkoff's Fillmore Street boutique, known for its fashion-techie-ness, played host to two dozen or so of Polyvore's most passionate users and set-makers. The group—including members from Australia and Japan—hung out, nibbled on sweets and shopped. But, more importantly, they discussed their dreams, and picked the brains and fangirled over the Sunnyvale-based Lee and NY-based Minkoff.

Although from opposite coasts, both entrepreneurial spirits generously shared their experiences, served up invaluable career advice and answered countless questions (thanks!) during the two-hour event. A bunch of fun and interesting facts about the dynamic duo were divulged.

Here are 15 of our favorite learnings...

  1. Jess Lee grew up in Hong Kong and her dream was to make comic books.
  2. "You will get told 'no' all the time," says Rebecca Minkoff. Ergo, she operates by the motto: No is just the beginning of yes.
  3. According to Jess, one of the best ways to get ahead is to volunteer to do the stuff no one else wants to do. She credits this philosophy as key to her appointment as Polyvore CEO.
  4. Rebecca's perfect day off includes these things: the beach, a bike ride, a margarita and a good book.
  5. Jess's perfect day is the same as Rebecca's except make it a margarita beer.
  6. Rebecca's brother Uri Minkoff is CEO of the company. He figures out how to make all the fashion-techie stuff come to fruition. And she "makes it sexy."
  7. Jess is half Japanese and half Chinese.
  8. Both women name their moms as their mentors, and as the owners of the  closets they would most like to raid.
  9. Rebecca's favorite fashion app right now: Fashion Scan.
  10. The one fashion item Jess would grab in a fire: a Helmut Lang leather jacket with a hood. "It's sentimental because I splurged right after Polyvore opened a New York office in Soho."
  11. Rebecca's fantasy world: She'd be making sandwiches and her husband would be running a scooter Greece.
  12. Jess's favorite app: Etsy.
  13. Rebecca wants to hire female engineers but it has been really hard to find them. She would like to help change this.
  14. One of the best moments in Jess's career? Finally, after months of having to keep a secret, being able to share with the Polyvore team that the company had been acquired by Yahoo.
  15. The first time Rebecca felt like she made it? When she received her first order from Anthropologie for 200 bags.